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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Started with archivesocial?

Just enter your email address to get started! ArchiveSocial connects directly to your social networks to capture and preserve all the content your organization posts and engages with, in-context and in near-real-time.

Why archivesocial for public records?

Public organizations are required to maintain records of all their social media communications. So when every record counts, you need software you can count on. ArchiveSocial brings peace of mind to industries across the globe: from the National Archives & Records Administration and the DOJ, to cities like Palmer, AK and New York, NY.

What is archarchivesocial?

ArchiveSocial brings automation to record retention for an accurate and dependable solution to effectively meet your compliance obligations so you can save time and focus on the big-picture.

Which is the best social media archive software?

The world’s most dependable social media archiving software for records compliance and risk management The fastest way to start using ArchiveSocial for record capture. Just enter your email address to get started!

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