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Frequently Asked Questions

What is appserv?

The easy way to configure Apache, PHP, and MySQL! AppServ is an merging open source software installer package for Windows and Linux. Hello, as title says... My intention is to create an installer of all appserv without user interaction with a command line and a given password for root user.

Why can't I install an older version of appserv?

If you install an older version of AppServ, it may contain security vulnerabilities that were patched or fixed in subsequent versions. If you have to install an older version, check if there are any security advisories that apply to the version.

What kind of content management systems can appappserv install?

AppServ will install Apache, PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin on your computer in just a matter of seconds, installing them pre-configured so you can start using them immediately. - PHP 5.1.6: dynamic programming language that the majority of popular content management systems uses.

What are the different versions of Apache appserv?

Apache 1.3.31 AppServ v 2.4.1 AppServ v 2.5.0 AppServ v 2.4.0 AppServ v 2.3.0 AppServ v 2.2.0 AppServ v 2.1.0 AppServ v 2.0.0 AppServ v 1.9.0 AppServ v 1.8.0 AppServ v 1.7.0 AppServ v 1.6.0 AppServ v 1.5.0

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