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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Washington County appraisal district website?

Welcome to the Washington County Appraisal District website. We are pleased to offer our customers a comprehensive source of information on property taxes in a convenient on-line basis.

What does the King County appraisal district do?

The King County Appraisal District appraises property for ad valorem taxation of these taxing authorities. The mission statement and goal of the office is to discover, list and appraise property as accurately, ethically and impartially as possible in to provide equitable and accurate appraisals to all property owners in King County.

Where is the King County assessor's office in Seattle WA?

King County Assessor's Office. Address. 500 4th Avenue, Seattle, Washington, 98104. Phone. 206-296-7300.

What accounts are appraised for the district?

Mineral, utility and industrial accounts are appraised for the district by Pritchard & Abbott, Inc. in Fort Worth, Texas. Real estate and personal property accounts are appraised locally by the district.

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