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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the occupancy permit?

How Long Does It Take To Get Certificate Of Occupancy? (TOP 5 Tips) Obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy requires following a clearly spelt out procedure that takes a minimum of 21 working days. It is important to find out for sure that your land or property is not already under acquisition.

How much is a building permit application?

There is a $150 plan processing fee. The Building Department will verify conformance to the Zoning Code. If the design does not conform to the Zoning Code, a notice of non-conformance will be issued. Corrections can be made, if necessary a variance can be requested through the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Can you please explain a vacancy permit?

Definition - What does Vacancy Permit mean? A vacancy permit is an amendment that can be added to a home insurance policy when the insured property is vacated. Vacating a property for an extended period of time will typically void home insurance coverage.

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