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Frequently Asked Questions

What words have antonyms?

Which words are antonyms?Agree → disagree.Appear → disappear.Belief → disbelief.Honest → dishonest.

What is an example of antonym?

Types of antonyms (with examples)Complementary and binary pairs. Complementary pairs, also called binary pairs, are antonyms that have no gray area between then. ...Gradable antonyms. Gradable antonyms are antonyms that have space between them. ...Reverse. Reverse antonyms are two words that have a reverse relationship. ...Conclusion. These are the main types of antonyms. ...

What does antonym mean?

The definition of antonyms are words that have contrasting meanings. An example of antonyms are light and dark. (semantics) A word which has the opposite meaning of another, although not necessarily in all its senses. "rich" is an antonym of "poor"; "full" is an antonym of "empty".

What is the definition of synonyms and antonyms?

definition - meaning of the word; synonyms (or examples) - three or more words with the same meaning; antonyms (or non-examples) - three or words with the opposite meaning; picture - a picture that reminds the student of the word's definition

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