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Frequently Asked Questions

What is anthology portfolio?

Highlight improvement over time and across activities while empowering students and faculty. Anthology Portfolio (formerly Chalk & Wire) is designed to capture the student journey on and off the campus, with embedded and LMS integrated assessment activities to support the easy capture and measurement of student learning outcomes.

What is the purpose of the anthology?

Welcome to the Anthology! Anthology Accounts are free to all education majors. Purpose: Throughout your program you will be assessed at various points using Anthology. The data collected through Anthology provides the necessary data for the College of Education to complete: 3) our own monitoring for programmatic improvement.

What happens if my anthology account expires?

(Assessors and Candidates) For users with existing Anthology accounts, continued access will be granted until the account expiration date. If you are a returning student or it has been a year since you've used Anthology, your account may be expired.

How do I launch my course from anthology?

However, if you are launching directly from Anthology, then follow the instructions below: Select My Coursework on the left menu. Click on your portfolio and then click edit. Locate the Professional Dispositions Assessment or A-PDA for Instructors link Type “Please Assess My Professional Disposition.”

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