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Frequently Asked Questions

What does hard stand for?

What does HARD stand for? – SoeTrust. HARD Full Form is Helmet Assisted Radar Detection

What is a better word for hard?

The words arduous and difficult are common synonyms of hard. While all three words mean "demanding great exertion or effort," hard implies the opposite of all that is easy. In what contexts can arduous take the place of hard? In some situations, the words arduous and hard are roughly equivalent.

What are some words that are hard to say?

Some words are just hard to say: amidst, insists, isthmus, Worcestshire. There is one word that used to be very easy to say when we were toddlers, but can be hard to say when we are all grown A Word That Is Hard to Say - Daily Encouragement

What is the antonym of hard?

work hard. Need antonyms for work hard? Here's a list of opposite words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Verb. Opposite of to apply great and continuous effort. laze. relax. rest. idle.

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