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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scientific name for the animal that turns white in the winter?

The Siberian hamster, or Dzhungarian hamster ( Phodopus sungorus ), often sold as the “winter white,” will change from a silvery chinchilla shade to mostly white if it is kept in a room that receives natural light. Temperature does not seem to affect the molt.

What animal is white in the Arctic?

We have another animal from the Arctic that is white, which is the arctic hare. The body of this hare is made up of 20% fat, which allows it to survive extreme colds. It’s also very fast, as it can run with speeds of up to 40 mph, allowing it to escape some of its common predators. 5. Arctic Wolf The arctic wolf is the apex predator of the Arctic.

Can you keep a white bird as a pet?

The air bubbles in their winter feathers—which may help with insulation—scatter light, making them appear more brightly white than other white birds. This is probably the only animal on this list that you can actually keep as a pet.

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