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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cutest mammal?

The World’s Cutest Mammal on the Brink The Ili Piku, aka “Magic Rabbit,” of China is endangered. But Pika populations are declining globally, not just in China.

What animals are in livestock?

livestock, farm animals, with the exception of poultry. In Western countries the category encompasses primarily cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, donkeys, and mules; other animals, such as buffalo, oxen, llamas, or camels, may predominate in the agriculture of other areas.

What animals are named after multiple other animals?

Named after parts of animals. The following fish have common names which are based on specific body parts of other animals: Bullhead minnow. Bullhead shark. Bullhead triplefin. Various sculpins and catfish known as bullhead. California sheephead. Cownose ray. Duckbill.

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