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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the equation for angular momentum?

Spin and orbital angular momentum are the two types of angular momentum. L = r × p is the formula for calculating the angular momentum of a point object. L = I × ω is the formula for calculating the angular momentum of a long object. The radius of the circle determines a body’s perpendicular velocity when no torque is applied.

What is the magnitude of angular momentum?

The magnitude of the angular momentum of an orbiting object is equal to its linear momentum (product of its mass m and linear velocity v) times the perpendicular distance r from the centre of rotation to a line drawn in the direction of its instantaneous motion and passing through the object’s centre of gravity, or ….

What is angular momentum principle?

The electrons' angular momentum in the material—also called spin—thus decreases abruptly, much faster than the material can set itself in rotation. According to the conservation principle ...

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