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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dimensional formula of angular momentum?

Dimensional Formula of Angular Momentum. The dimensional formula of angular momentum is given by, M 1 L 2 T-1. Where, M = Mass; L = Length; T = Time; Derivation. Angular Momentum = Angular Velocity × Moment of Inertia . . . .

What are the units of angular momentum?

The standard unit of angular momentum is the Newton meter second, or the kilogram meter squared per second squared. Angular momentum can also be measured in Joule seconds. Angular momentum is defined as the vector position of a particle relative to its origin times the linear momentum of the particle.

What is the equation for angular momentum?

Spin and orbital angular momentum are the two types of angular momentum. L = r × p is the formula for calculating the angular momentum of a point object. L = I × ω is the formula for calculating the angular momentum of a long object. The radius of the circle determines a body’s perpendicular velocity when no torque is applied.

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