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Frequently Asked Questions

Who founded Nalanda University?

Though the university is founded by the Gupta emperor Kumargupta I, the rulers of Gupta Empire provided a great support or the patronage to the monks of Nalanda. Not only the Kumargupta I, but also his successors extended the support and also built some buildings and worship place for the institute.

What is the Library of Nalanda University?

Tibetan scholar Taranatha writes in his travelogues about the three-building, nine-story library of Nalanda University, with a volume of 9 million manuscripts. The ancient university has birthed several intellectual greats in history.

Is Nalanda University still alive?

Despite its death over 800 years ago, the spirit of Nalanda University still lives. In fact, plans were made several years ago to revive this ancient university. In 2006, a plan to bring back the vision of the original university was announced by India, China, Singapore, Japan and Thailand.

What was the education like at Nalanda University?

education: Classical India. The university at Nalanda housed a population of several thousand teachers and students, who were maintained out of the revenues from more than 100 villages. Because of its fame, Nalanda attracted students from abroad, but the admission test was so strict that only two or three out of….

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