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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ammonium chloride an acid base or neutral?

Weak acids and bases have strong conjugate bases and acids. For example, when ammonium chloride is dissolved in water, it gives an acidic solution because ammonium ion is a strong conjugate acid of the weak base ammonia, but chloride ion is a weak conjugate base of the strong acid hydrochloric acid.

Is ammonium chloride an ionic or covalent compound?

The answer is, both ionic and covalent. There is no (or not much) covalent interaction between ammonium ion and chloride ion in the solid state; the ions are arranged in a so-called "cesium chloride" structure, which is common for 1-to-1 ratios of large cations and smaller anions.

What is the reaction equation for ammonium chloride and water?

The basic component (NH4+) produces hydroxide (OH-) ions when dissolved in water. When you dissolve ammonium chloride crystals in water (H2O), the ammonium chloride compound decomposes into its component ions: NH4+ and Cl-. The dissociation chemical reaction is: NH4Cl (solid) = NH4+ (aqueous) + Cl- (aqueous).

What is the reaction between ammonium chloride and sodium hydroxide?

In this reaction when Ammonium Chloride reacts with Sodium Hydroxide in lab to form NH3 (Ammonia), NaCl (Sodium Chloride) and H2O (water). In this reaction Ammonia gas liberates. When Ammonia solution and HCl are brought together even by mistake also then they get combined with each other to form Ammonium Chloride.

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