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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ammonia raise or lower pH?

The pH of the water is the determining factor that causes waste and decomposing fish food to become ammonium, or ammonia. Lower pH levels will have a higher concentration of ammonium, and higher pH levels will have higher concentration of ammonia. The concentration levels are directly proportional to the pH.

What is the pH level of Household ammonia?

The pH of ammonia is about 11, which makes it a fairly weak base. According to the pH scale, substances with a pH lower than 7 are acids, whereas those with a pH greater than 7 are bases.

Does low pH make ammonia less toxic?

Long story short, the lower the pH, the less toxic your ammonia is. The higher the pH, the more toxic your ammonia is. Ammonia and pH should be measured simultaneously for a full understanding of the situation. Any amount of ammonia is undesirable, but depending on your pH, the situation may or may not be an emergency.

Does ammonia raise pH?

So in theory, ammonia should raise the pH of an aquarium. However, virtually all processes in the aquarium that produce ammonia, as well as the breakdown of ammonia produce hydrogen cations. ... In water with alkaline or basic pH, ammonia is much more toxic.

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