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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 22w4 grating look like?

A grating designated as 22-W-4 has steel flat bars spaced twenty-two sixteenths of an inch (1-3/8") center-to-center, and the cross bars are spaced 4" center-to-center. The bearing bar/cross bar joint is welded.

What is a W grade grating?

Standard Grating Designation Laurel Steel complies with industry conven- tions in naming the various grating products. All Laurel Steel gratings are welded and, therefore, all carry a W designation in standard NAAMM nomenclature. The primary load-carrying component of grating is called a bearing bar.

What size cross bar is used in Laurel steel grating?

The standard cross bar used in Laurel Steel heavy-duty grating is a smooth round cross bar, the size of which complies with NAAMM cross sectional area require- ments.

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