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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon Prime save you money on medications?

Amazon Prime makes it easy to save on medication when paying without insurance. When paying with Prime, select meds can be as low as $1/month. Get your medications delivered right to your doorstep with Amazon Pharmacy. Need meds today? Use your Rx savings card for Prime prices at over 60,000 pharmacies.

Is Amazon pharmacy a better deal than your current pharmacy?

For consumers who use Amazon Prime, the new pharmacy option is worth checking out. But whether it offers a better deal than your current pharmacy will depend on your insurance coverage and healthcare needs. Check your healthcare plan to make sure it will work with Amazon Pharmacy.

Can I use my Amazon Prime card at my local pharmacy?

It is included with your Prime membership at no additional cost. This benefit can be used at over 60,000 participating retail pharmacies in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, including Amazon Pharmacy.

Does Amazon pharmacy accept my insurance plan?

Amazon Pharmacy accepts most insurance plans. When you sign up, we can look up your insurance information for you, or you can enter the information yourself. Then when you request a prescription, we'll check to see if Amazon Pharmacy is covered by your plan.

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