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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Amazon pharmacy?

According to a press release by the retail giant, Amazon Pharmacy customers can complete an entire pharmacy transaction on their desktop or mobile device through the Amazon App. Customers will create a pharmacy profile, where they can add insurance information, manage prescriptions, and choose payment options before checking out.

What is Pill Pack?

PillPack. Its unique feature is that it packages your pills into packets, labeled with the date and time you should take them. The packets come in a special box that dispenses your meds chronologically. PillPack helps you transfer existing prescriptions from other pharmacies, whether local or online, to its service,...

What is a medication pack?

Also known as Azithromycin, a Z-pack is a medication used for treating serious and severe infections caused by bacteria. It contains macrolide antibiotic, which helps in stopping all forms of growth caused by bacteria. This medication cannot be used for treating viral infections like flu and the common cold.

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