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Frequently Asked Questions

Is amawaterway's cruise safe?

We were very surprised by AmaWaterway’s failure to make any flexibility around coronavirus impact on our planned cruise with them from Vietnam this week- including with my 92 year old father. We said we would happily reschedule, but all Ama has to say is that their cruise is safe (so far.)

Is the AMA Magna a good cruise?

The new Ama Magna ship is wonderful and the crew's attention to detail with customer service was the best I have ever experienced. Towns we visited (Vilshofen, Passau, Linz, Krems, Durnstein, Salzberg, Vienna, Budapest), were amazing. This was a Christmas Market cruise and it did not disappoint in anyway.

What is the AmaWaterways amamagna like?

Amazing ship! We toured with a travel company and AmaWaterways was the company they used for cruising the Danube. We were the first Americans in 2021 to cruise on the AmaMagna. It is a beautiful ship with wonderful cabins.

Can We book AmaWaterways in Germany?

From arriving at the location which we started, all the way through checking in for ... Normally we cannot book AmaWaterways in Germany. But in this Corona times, no American can board the ship. So the cruiseline worked together with a german Travel Agency and offered 5 day cruises on Rhine and Mosel.

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