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Are there any alternative birthing options for babies?

As interest grows in alternative birthing choices such as water births, consumption of placentas and deferring newborn vaccinations, doctors should counsel expectant parents on the risks such decisions could pose to babies, a new report said.

Are there conspiracy theorists on alternative media platforms?

Some conspiracy theorists on the alternative platforms have seen their audiences expand over the past year as coronavirus vaccines went from a dream to reality, The Post’s analysis found.

How much of the world's food will come from alternative sources?

Friederike Grosse-Holz, a director at impact investment firm Blue Horizon, said lab-grown meat is “a little like a moonshot," but predicts that 11% of the seafood, meat, eggs and dairy consumed globally in 2035 will come from alternative sources.

Who is the Chief Economist of Solus alternative asset management?

Dan Greenhaus, Solus Alternative Asset Management chief economist and strategist, joins the ‘Halftime Report’ to discuss how the stock market will react to rising 10-year yields. I think the probability of higher volatility this year in a host of markets is under appreciated, he says.

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