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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Altered Carbon renewed?

Altered Carbon Renewed For Season 2 By Netflix! (EXCLUSIVE) Altered Carbon is set over 300 years in the future, when human minds are digitized and downloaded from body to body. Based on the classic cyberpunk novel. The second season of Altered Carbon is slated to release in 2019 on Netflix.

Is Altered Carbon on Netflix?

"Altered Carbon" is about human consciousness downloaded into different bodies. Which is fitting, because the new Netflix show feels like "", "" and "" downloaded into one body and jostling for space. In terms of idea-packed cyberpunk world-building, "Altered Carbon," on Netflix now, is a total blast.

Would the Altered Carbon cast resleeve?

In Altered Carbon, people are able to "resleeve," meaning place their consciousness inside other bodies. Life doesn't end, unless the stack containing your essence is destroyed. The show centers on Takeshi Kovacs, who is played by Will Yun Lee until "death" and he is resleeved into a body portrayed by Joel Kinnaman.

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