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Frequently Asked Questions

How does alphafriend work?

Each week the students will be introduced to a new Alphafriend who will teach them about a new letter of the alphabet. Each alphafriend has his/her own song to help the students learn the sound of the letter. Have your child click the different Alphafriend character to learn more about them.

What are kindergarten alphafriends?

The Kindergarten Alphafriends are letter characters that bring phonemic awareness and phonics to life. They are used to introduce each letter of the alphabet. There is a cute song/chant that can be used along with the posters.

How many alphafriends songs are there?

This resource has all 26 Alphafriends songs. There is space for students to count all upper case and lowercase letters that correspond to the Alphafriend. There is also space for students to practice handwriting. My students love using the dot stampers to find the uppercase and lowercase letters. Th

Where can I find alphafriends bingo cards for my child?

Kindergarten students learn the letters with the Alphafriends Bingo Game. You can find the free AlphaFriends Bingo Cards at: This is a PDF resource with a poster of the alphafriends that accompany the JOURNEYS curriculum.

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