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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start an alcohol delivery service?

Typically you won't need a separate license to start a liquor delivery service, but you do need a regular retail license . You also must follow whatever regulations your state licensing board has put into place for home delivery of alcoholic beverages to consumers. Contact your state licensing board.

Does Walmart deliver alcohol?

Walmart's grocery delivery service is now offering alcohol in select locations, and before long it could extend to more, depending on how it works out. Some customers are already used to the store's Walmart Grocery Pickup and Delivery, which will bring food right to their doorsteps. Now, you can add beer, wine and spirits to the list as well.

Does Amazon deliver alcohol?

Amazon will begin delivering alcohol in two hours or less. Amazon's Prime Now service offers one- and two-hour deliveries for members. The company is now expanding that service in Seattle to include deliveries of beer, wine and spirits. No word on when Amazon will expand Prime Now alcohol deliveries to other cities.

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