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What are the best music albums from 1992?

Criteria: These music albums from the year 1992 were chosen for their immediate and lasting popularity, impact, influence, and acclaim from critics and musicians. This list does not include 'Greatest Hits' albums. 1. Automatic for the People - R.E.M. 2. The Chronic - Dr. Dre

What albums have been named albums of the year?

All albums have been named albums of the year for their hits in the charts. [24] Sublime – 40 Oz. To Freedom John Serry Sr. – The Lord's Prayer, for organ & chorus January 23 – Jordan "Rizzle" Stephens of Rizzle Kicks, sometimes works under names: Wildhood and Al, the Native. February 7 – Jain (singer), French musician and singer-songwriter.

What was Trisha Yearwood's first album?

Led by the delicate acoustic beauty of “Blind,” this 1991 album ushered in a new era of Swans. Spotlighting her unmistakable voice, Trisha Yearwood’s self-titled debut declared the arrival of one of the decade’s biggest country stars.

What are the best luxury albums of all time?

Hypocrisy Is the Greatest Luxury - Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy 83. Music to Driveby - Compton's Most Wanted 84. Spooky - Lush 86. Mack Daddy - Sir Mix-a-Lot 87. Up - Right Said Fred

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