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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Roxy Music albums have been released?

Discogs records that Roxy Music have released 28 albums and 38 compilations since the band’s inception back in 1971. Of these, 18 have made the ‘UK Top 40’ music charts with 11 of them reaching the ‘Top 10’ and 4 albums reaching the No.1 position. The albums to hit the top spot are ‘ Stranded ’ (Dec 1973), ‘ Flesh + Blood ’ (May 1980), ...

Is Roxy Music's Siren a good album?

As the final album of Roxy Music’s first tenure, Siren is certainly better than its position on this list might make it seem at a glance. The album, after all, holds the band’s greatest dance track, ‘Love is the Drug’, which to this day remains the groups biggest hit.

Is this the most underrated Roxy album ever?

Roxy’s most underrated album was released after a fouryear hiatus. The core quartet compensated for Jobson and Gustafson’s absence by pushing the sounds on this often gritty record up unexpected alleys. Yet – most notably on the untypical hits Dance Away and Angel Eyes – there’s a classy, accessible pop finish to some other tracks.

What was Roxy Music's Diamond of Avalon?

All the pressure for Roxy Music to break in North America culminated in the diamond of Avalon, a lush production masterpiece and the defining album of sophisti-pop. Its namesake is the island where King Arthur is laid to rest, a fitting title for what would be the band’s final album.

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