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Frequently Asked Questions

What states are near Alaska?

Washington state is the closest to AK. The Yukon and British Columbia are the two Canadian Provinces on the West Coast that lie between the Southern panhandle of Alaska and the Northern border of Washington.

How far is Alaska from USA?

Distance between Alaska and Usa is 5380 KM (kilometers) and 74.58 meters. Alaska is 3343 miles away from Usa.

Where is Bank of America in Alaska?

Bank of America is located at the address 320 W 5th Ave Ste 230 in Anchorage, Alaska 99501.

Is Alaska part of continental USA?

Well, precisely speaking, Alaska IS a part of the continental US. The correct distinguishing words should be "the lower 48" or the "contiguous 48.". But America, being as ethnocentric as we are, mistakenly sees the USA as constituting the entire North American continent.

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