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Frequently Asked Questions

What is airwaysim?

Airline Management Simulation AirwaySim is an online management simulation where you can run your own airline. Compete globally against other airline managers in this highly realistic multiplayer game.

How to train using airwaysim's simulations?

To train using AirwaySim's simulations your organization does not require any expensive separate software or hardware installations nor the help of the local IT department. The simulation is accessible fully online and managed under AirwaySim's dedicated web servers as a cloud-based software.

Is airwaysim free to use?

Thanks for the feedback. Yes, you are correct, AirwaySim is not a free software (and we do not advertise it as such either of course). You have the fully functional 7-day free trial period (no pre-payment or any credit card details or such required for that) during which you can see if you like the simulation.

How can I use airwaysim for teaching?

Teaching and learning something new has never been easier. AirwaySim online simulation lets your students to take controls of their very own airlines and easily learn new and exciting details about managing and running an airline. The software is the perfect learning tool and aid for your teaching - bring your classroom alive!

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