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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you monitor air pollution in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources has approximately 50 air monitors prominently located throughout the state, including in St. Louis, to monitor concentrations of ozone and other air pollutants.

Are the air quality maps real-time?

The information associated with the air quality maps are as real-time as possible and are displayed as soon as practical upon transmission to us, including current index, forecast, daily and hourly air quality data. All data and information is presented only for public benefit and should not be deemed final in any way.

What is the air quality index (AQI)?

The raw measurements are then converted by Plume Labs into values comprising the Air Quality Index (AQI), using standards and guidelines developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO), among other scientific studies by Plume Labs. The air quality data and information is subject to change at any time.

How does the air quality forecast chart work?

Our air quality forecast chart breaks down the quality of the air on an hour-by-hour scale, allowing you to visualize the trends in air quality and plan your outdoor activities. Our daily forecast provides you with information on air quality over the next several days and its impact on your health.

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