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Frequently Asked Questions

What does AFE stand for?

Amniotic fluid embolism (AFE) is a sudden and unexpected life-threatening birth complication that can affect both mother and baby. Although poorly understood, it is thought to be the result of an allergic-like reaction to the amniotic fluid that enters the mother’s bloodstream, a normal part of the birth process.

What does AFE stand for in accounting?

authorization for expenditure (AFE) 1. n. [Oil and Gas Business] A budgetary document, usually prepared by the operator, to list estimated expenses of drilling a well to a specified depth, casing point or geological objective, and then either completing or abandoning the well. Such expenses may include excavation and surface site preparation, the daily rental rate of a drilling rig, costs of fuel, drillpipe, bits, casing, cement and logging, and coring and testing of the well, among others.

What does AFE stand for in expenditure?

What does AFE stand for in business? Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) An AFE is a budgeting and approval form used during the planning process for a well about to be drilled (and for other projects). It includes an estimate of costs to be incurred during the IDC (intangible drilling cost) category and in the tangible equipment category.

What does AFE stand for in energy?

What does AFE stand for in Power? Get the top AFE abbreviation related to Power. ... Active-Front-End. Technology, Electronics, Engineering. Technology ... Intake, Engineering, Flow. 1. AFE. Authority for Expenditure or Authorization for Expenditure + 1 variant. Energy, Intensity, Potency. Energy, Intensity, Potency. 1. AFE. Authority fFor ...

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