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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make custom YouTube video description template?

Under the โ€œ Basic info โ€ paste your custom YouTube description template in the YouTube description editor and hit the โ€œ SAVE โ€ button. This feature helps you to be more productive by making default your custom YouTube video description template.

What are the different types of YouTube descriptions?

There are two types of YouTube descriptions: the overall description of the channel and the descriptions for each video you upload. A YouTube channel description is similar to the "About" page of a website. In fact, it even appears under the "About" tab of your channel's YouTube page.

Why are descriptive YouTube descriptions so important?

Because YouTube is a search engine, part of that strategy relied on optimizing the videos to increase the chances of discoverability. One of the most important tactics for optimizing your YouTube channel is writing descriptive YouTube descriptions.

Why do you need a disclaimer in your video description?

Disclaimer notice is essential to limit your liabilities for the outcome of the use of your or other sites. Give credits to resources used in your video and prevent your channel from YouTube strikes. You can download the templates OR copy and paste the text in your video description.

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