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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you spell advisor or adviser?

Adviser is a person who gives advice. An advisor does the same thing—the only difference is in the spelling. Adviser is the older and the preferred spelling.

How to spell advisor or adviser?

Adviser and advisor are both accepted spellings of the noun meaning one who advises or counsels. There is no difference between them. But adviser, the older version, is listed as the primary spelling in most dictionaries, and it is about five times as common as advisor in current news publications from throughout the English-speaking world.

What is the definition of Advisors?

Look up advisor in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. An adviser or advisor is normally a person with more and deeper knowledge in a specific area and usually also includes persons with cross-functional and multidisciplinary expertise. An adviser's role is that of a mentor or guide and differs categorically from that of a task-specific consultant.

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