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Frequently Asked Questions

Is advance a verb?

verb (used with object), ad·vanced, ad·vanc·ing. to move or bring forward: The general advanced his troops to the new position. to bring into consideration or notice; suggest; propose: to advance reasons for a tax cut.

What is a synonym for advance?

Synonym Discussion of advance advance, promote, forward, further mean to help (someone or something) to move ahead. promote suggests an encouraging or fostering and may denote an increase in status or rank. forward implies an impetus forcing something ahead. further suggests a removing of obstacles in the way of a desired advance.

What are Advance Auto Parts hours?

Advance Auto Parts store hours for closing are known for being longer than most other retailers, with the majority of stores closing at 9pm Mondays to Saturdays.

What is the definition of advances?

The definition of advance means to move forward or to raise in importance. An example of advance is to be promoted at a job.

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