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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix adsklicensing-installer error?

To run Windows Update, please follow these easy steps: In the search box, type " Update " and press " ENTER ". If updates are available for download, click " Install Updates ". After the update is completed, restart your PC. If Windows Update failed to resolve the AdskLicensing-installer.exe error message, please proceed to next step.

How do I install the Autodesk licensing service?

Download and unzip the Autodesk Licensing Service -win- installer file. Right-click the AdskLicensing-installer.exe file and go to Properties > General Tab.

When will adsklicensing-installer be released for Windows 10?

The initial introduction of AdskLicensing-installer.exe released in AutoCAD 2019 was for Windows 10 on 10/24/2018. This is the most recent release date from Autodesk, Inc., according to our records.

What version of AutoCAD 2019 has adsklicensingservice been released?

The initial introduction of AdskLicensingService.exe released in AutoCAD 2019 was for Windows 10 on 10/24/2018. According to our records, this is the primary and most recent file release from Autodesk, Inc..

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