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Frequently Asked Questions

What is adsbexchange?

Welcome to, the world’s largest co-op of ADS-B/Mode S/MLAT feeders, and the world’s largest public source of unfiltered flight data. Access to worldwide flight tracking data opens up a whole new world of flight monitoring for hobbyists, researchers, and journalists alike.

How do I set up my current ADS-B receiver to feed exchange?

These scripts aid in setting up your current ADS-B receiver to feed ADS-B Exchange. At a minimum, you will need a SDR connected to a Pi running any Raspbian image with dump1090 installed and configured to start at boot. The script method for all feeders that have dump1090 outputting beast data on port 30005.

Why can’t I see my data on ADS-B exchange?

Because ADS-B Exchange does not use any FAA data there are no FAA BARR/LADD, military, or other “filters” preventing you from seeing the the data you collected. ADS-B Exchange simply does not accept payment or requests to remove aircraft from public tracking!

How does ADS-B exchange differ from other flight tracking sites?

ADS-B Exchange differs from typical flight tracking sites in two primary ways. First and foremost ADS-B Exchange does not participate in the filtering performed by most other flight tracking websites which do not share data on military or certain private aircraft.

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