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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the difficulties in withdrawing from Adderall?

Unfortunately, as the user increases dosage on Adderall, withdrawal symptoms from detoxing off Adderall become more intense, and possibly severe. Some common withdrawal symptoms experienced from detoxing off Adderall include: Depression, irritability, or mood swings

How bad is Adderall withdrawal?

Unlike other withdrawal syndromes, Adderall withdrawal is not associated with any dangerous medical problems. The primary risk that your depressed mood will escalate to suicidal thoughts or behaviors. Adderall withdrawal is different for everyone.

How long and hard is an Adderall withdraw?

It’s no wonder that the hallmark of Adderall withdrawal is depression. Depression from Adderall withdrawal is temporary, typically continuing for about one week after your last dose. In some people, however, depression can linger for weeks or months.

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