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Frequently Asked Questions

What are video layers in slider Revolution?

The fundamentals of using Slider Revolution. You already learned the basics of working with video layers in Slider Revolution. Now in this guide learn all the extra ways you can configure custom video content. To add a new video layer [?] Layers are containers for visual, audio or layout items and are added to slides.

How to create a slider in slider Revolution?

After that go to the Slider Revolution admin toolbar and you are ready to create a new slider. Click on Add New Slider icon box and you will see the further options to check. We will start adding a video from YouTube, this is more than simple!

What is the full-screen button for YouTube in Revolution Slider?

So, the controls will include a Full-Screen button for Youtube in Revolution Slider. ON: Slide will immediately change as soon as the video ends. OFF: If the video’s length is less than the slide’s delay, the slide will not change until the delay time has been reached.

How do I add HTML5 video to slider Revolution?

Adding HTML5 Video With HTML5 selected in the Video Type option, find the MPEG box below: Click Media Library to upload your own video using WordPress. Alternatively, click Object Library to choose one of Slider Revolution’s included videos.

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