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Frequently Asked Questions

Is metamask a good wallet?

The advantage of using MetaMask versus native wallets on individual blockchains is that you can store a lot more than, say, ETH and Ethereum NFTs. MetaMask works with all Ethereum compatible chains, like Polygon ( MATIC-USD ), Avalanche ( AVAX-USD ), and the algorithmic stablecoin DAI ( DAI-USD ).

How to add ETH token on metamask?

How to Add ETH Token on MetaMask? Generally, the added tokens in the MetaMask will be listed under Assets sector. If not, then you can add the token to MetaMask manually by the simple steps listed below. Step – 1: Unlock the MetaMask with your password first. Step – 2: Open the MetaMask by clicking the extension, then select Add token.

Is metamask and trust wallet the same?

While Metamask is an Ethereum wallet, Trust Wallet allows different cryptocurrencies. So, if you have different ERC-20 tokens and wish to store them all in one place, you need to connect and import your Ethereum or ERC-20 tokens from your Metamask to your Trust Wallet using the above steps.

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