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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a d1320 dental code?

D1320 Dental Code is the dental procedure billing code for Tobacco counseling for the control and prevention of oral disease. Discover everything you need to know about D1320 Dental Code, dental coding, and dental billing by watching this video. What are CPT Codes?

What is the ADA Guide to dental procedures?

ADA Guide to Dental Procedures Reported with Area of the Oral Cavity or Tooth Anatomy (or Both) Page 1 of 36 ADA Dental Claim Data Content Recommendation - Reporting Area of the Oral Cavity and Tooth Anatomy by CDT Code - v5, Effective Jan 01, 2022 Dental procedure codes, listed in numeric order, are as published in CDT 2022

What does d0120 mean?

(updated July 2020) Code Description D0120 periodic oral evaluation - established patient D0140 limited oral evaluation - problem focused ... D0251 extra-oral posterior dental radiographic image D0270 bitewing - single radiographic image D0272 bitewings - two radiographic images

Is applicable to the ADA Dental Claim Form (© 2019)?

Is applicable to both the ADA Dental Claim Form (© 2019) and the HIPAA standard electronic dental claim transaction (837D v5010) Notes: a) For reference the Area of the Oral Cavity and the Tooth Anatomy code sets used on 837D and ADA Claim Form follow

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