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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Activision customer support number?

The customer support phone number of Activision is 001-310-255-2050 /+1 952-918-9400/ (Click phone number to call).

What does Activision Blizzard do?

In short, Activision Blizzard is continuing to do what it has done for years: churn out blockbuster franchises, leverage them into merchandising and expansion pack revenues, and consistently create earnings and cash flow for its shareholders.

Was Blizzard Entertainment bought by Activision?

When Blizzard Entertainment was acquired by Activision , Blizzard was allowed to work as a separate entity within the company. However, in recent years, Blizzard has become become more and more intertwined with Activision, and it became more apparent in 2018 as Blizzard began to focus on " cutting costs ."

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