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Frequently Asked Questions

How many radio channels does AccuRadio offer?

AccuRadio offers over 1,000 customizable radio channels you'll love—all 100% free! Click a channel to start listening!

Why can't I hear AccuRadio on my computer?

This is usually caused by your computer having some temporary difficulty connecting to AccuRadio's servers. The following steps should help solve either one of these problems. Most often closing and re-launching the browser window or app should fix the problem.

What to do with your favorite AccuRadio channels in the summer?

When you head out to enjoy the summer sun, take your favorite AccuRadio channels and blends with you, with our free, top-rated mobile app. If you share a vacation or weekend pic with us, you could get to hand-craft our next AccuRadio channel!

How do I post an Accu-app on social media?

Post it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #AccuApp (or tag it with our handle: @AccuRadio ). We'll pick our favorites and repost them on our site and on social media.

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