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Frequently Asked Questions

Why accountability is key to being a better leader?

Accountability Gets Results. Being an accountable leader and insisting on accountability from your team can help you achieve results, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. The positive results of practicing constructive accountability include: Improved performance; Better employee participation and involvement

How can leaders encourage accountability?

There are several ways leaders can demonstrate accountability in their daily routines and behaviors. Accountable leaders set goals that align with the business’s priorities. This gives them personal accountability over driving business results. They also foster that same sense of ownership among their direct reports.

What is leadership and accountability?

Leadership Accountability is Key to Leading Effectively. Accountability is an essential leadership skill if you want to be a highly effective leader. We often talk about accountability in the context of managing others. However, accountability as a leadership skill requires that you take the skill of accountability beyond just getting the work ...

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