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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a WB Games account to play?

Before stepping foot in the ring and taking control of one of the characters, you have to set up a WB Games Account. You can do this no matter which platform you play on, as there is no publisher-specific launcher on PC or additional on-console steps if you’re on either PlayStation or Xbox systems.

How do I connect my WB Games account to multiversus?

Enter the game’s device code in the browser’s address bar to open the page. An eight-digit code is display on the left side of the MultiVersus menu. This code links your WB Games account to MultiVersus. If somewhat goes wrong, you can try again by selecting “Renew Device Symbol.”

How do I change the name of my WB game account?

Do so, then enter the email address you’d like to associate with your WB Games account. Finally, you’ll have the option to change your WB Display name from the randomly generated version to one of your choosing. Simply select the text field, highlight the default name, and type the one you’d prefer to use.

How to play wbgames 2D?

This game has an open field for the 2D players to play through certain characters and take any avatar they want to opt for, but you need to first sign up for the game account to control the character. is the place where you can do your sign-up through some simple steps. You have to scan a QR code flashing on the screen.

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