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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wisconsin Connections Academy?

Wisconsin Connections Academy (WCA) is a tuition-free 4K–12 public online school that students attend from home. WCA brings a public education and top educational resources directly to your family’s door—anywhere in Wisconsin. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Where is Kaleidoscope Academy?

Located in the heart of Appleton, Kaleidoscope Academy is in the historic Roosevelt Junior High building that first opened in 1925. Our school is enriched by the diversity of students who attend our grade 6-8 school.

Who is Wisconsin Swim Academy?

Wisconsin Swim Academy – Just keep swimming! Who is Wisconsin Swim Academy? We believe in taking a loving, gentle approach to teaching swimming lessons by first earning your child’s trust and then building their confidence so they can become smart, strong kiddos both in and outside of the water.

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