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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the consequences by law for abandoning your child?

Child abuse and child abandonment are extremely serious crimes to be accused of. In many cases, these offenses are tried as felonies, which means you may have a felony record if you are found guilty. In addition to risking the possibility of long-term incarceration, enormous criminal fines, and other consequences, your reputation may suffer ...

What qualifies as child neglect in New York?

In New York, child neglect falls within the larger category of child abuse laws. While child abuse typically refers to more active harm to a child, neglect refers to passive harm such as failing to provide basic necessities for a child including food, clothing, shelter, and health care such that the child's welfare is in jeopardy.

Is there an abandonment law in NY?

In New York, there are separate charges for child abandonment. New York Child Neglect and Abandonment Laws. Although these issues deal with child-rearing which are domestic issues and fall under family law, child neglect and child abandonment are also areas that are criminalized and fall under the domain of New York's penal code.

What is the legal definition of child abandonment?

In general, child abandonment occurs when a parent, guardian, or other person has physical custody or control of a child and, when acting without regard for the mental or physical health, safety, or welfare of the child: Knowing leaves a child (typically under the age of 13) without supervision by a responsible person (typically over the age of 14); or.

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