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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most abandoned places in the world?

Kayakoy, Turkey Nestled among the Taurus Mountains, Kayakoy town in Turkey has been deserted since the 1920s due to the political population exchange with Greece. With over 350 vacant homes, it is one of the popular abandoned places in the world. 10. Fordlandia, Brazil

What does it mean to take beautiful photos of abandoned places?

View more comments Taking beautiful photos of abandoned places means exploring abandoned places. That might sound obvious, but it sure isn’t easy. Urban exploration (aka Urbex or UE) is a fascinating but difficult hobby to get into.

Why are abandoned places Spooky?

Not all abandoned places are spooky. Those from hundreds of years ago reflect a more natural cycle of human civilization on Earth, with historical ruins reminding us how we used to live, work, and worship.

What is it like to live in an abandoned Fort?

This abandoned military fort is filled with a rich history. Once luxurious, these oceanfront beach homes have been left to succumb to the elements as the beach is slowly washed away. Once a thriving business district, this former shopping area is now an urban ghost town in the heart of the city.

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