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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to own abalone in the US?

(2) Abalone Possession and Transportation: It shall be unlawful to possess any untagged abalone or any abalone that have been removed from their shell, except when they are being prepared for immediate consumption. (d) Minimum Abalone Size: All red abalone must be seven inches or greater measured along the longest shell diameter.

What is the legal size of an abalone shell?

A size minimum of 7 in (180 mm) measured across the shell is in place. A person may be in possession of only three abalone at any given time. As of 2017, abalone season is May to October, excluding July. Transportation of abalone may only legally occur while the abalone is still attached in the shell.

Can abalone be saved from extinction?

But, while white abalone are close to extinction, efforts to breed them in captivity and reintroduce them to the wild could help the species recover. White abalone have a thin, oval-shaped shell. The shell has a row of holes used to breathe, remove waste, and reproduce.

What are the regulations for abalone fishing in California?

(a) Abalone Report Card Required. All individuals including divers must have an Abalone Report Card in their immediate possession while fishing for or taking red abalone. Individuals must complete and return the card pursuant to regulations in this Section and in Section 1.74. (b) Tagging Requirements.

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