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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ABA Legal?

ABA LEGAL BUREAU is a Law Firm whose members have a vast experience providing legal services to domestic and international clients.

What is ABA membership?

ABA membership gives you access to technical resources, training, networking opportunities and expert guidance – everything legal professionals need to be successful. The American Bar Association builds the expertise of its members, protects the independence of the legal profession and advocates for justice in the United States and the world.

What is ABA recovery?

ABA Recovery Service is a professional repossession and collateral recovery agency located in San Diego, California. ABA has been providing repossession services to the California lending community since 1968 and continues to be a leader in the collateral recovery industry.

What is ABA financial?

An ABA routing transit number (ABA RTN) is a nine-digit code, used in the United States, which appears on the bottom of negotiable instruments such as checks to identify the financial institution on which it was drawn.

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