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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the A1 size paper roll?

The A1 size paper roll is 610mm wide and also come in several weights. A1 paper is 594 x 840mm, therefore each A1 print will be 840mmmm long. The most popular A1 large format paper rolls that we supply is the 610 x 45m in a weight of 90gsm. This is designed to be used in HP, Canon or Epson large format inkjet printers.

What is a high quality paper roll?

The high quality paper roll allows you to print high quality, professional documents such as blueprints, line drawings and plans. Our range is perfect for different size printers, with a selection of different size rolls and paper types in our assortment. For keeping your supplies cupboard well stocked, we are the only partner you need!

What kind of paper does thermal rolls sell?

They provide an extensive selection of thermal paper, including carbonless paper rolls, custom printed paper rolls, credit card paper rolls and ATM paper rolls. In addition, Thermal Rolls offers a wide range of guest checks, plotter paper, toner and ink, disposable gloves and cash register ribbons.

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