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Frequently Asked Questions

What is photographic storytelling?

There are many forms of storytelling like written, oral, digital, etc., and in photography, storytelling is usually called a photo essay or photo story and it’s a rather common practice. If you read magazines like National Geographic, you’ve surely seen some great examples of photographic storytelling many times.

How to tell a story in photography?

Just focusing on one kind of photograph won’t tell a whole story – you need to pay attention to details and become flexible when it comes to your shooting style and aesthetic preferences. You need to shoot portraits, landscapes, abstract images, wide-angle shots, action shots, zoomed-in details and so on in order to tell a whole story.

What is a series of photographs?

To put it simply, it’s a way for a photographer to tell a story with a series of photographs or even single photograph sometimes. In case of a series of photographs, images are ordered in a specific way for telling stories, with the aim of affecting the viewer’s emotions and intellect.

What is the planning process in visual storytelling?

Planning is one of the most important parts of visual storytelling process. You must plan in advance how are you going to visualize the story you have in your mind. The planning process should include selecting the topic, doing a research on the topic and planning your shots – they should be very diverse and visually appealing.

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