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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of barrel does the staccato C2 have?

The Staccato C2 comes with a 3.9 inch Bull Barrel and our Recoil Master system, resulting in a steady line of sight and optimal accuracy. Our 2011® G2 grip provides a secure, comfortable hold.

Is the staccato 2011 C2 the right gun for You?

– The Staccato 2011 C2 is basically a grail gun for a huge portion of gun guys. It was definitely near the top of my list. It combines that sweet 1911 design with a double-stacked magazine in 9mm and is smooth as butter. You’ve seen this platform made famous by Keanu Reeves in John Wick. It’s fast as hell and a laser to boot.

What is the staccato C2 – optic ready – compact sight?

The Staccato C2 – Optic Ready – Compact Sight option ships with a standard height front sight which, when used in conjunction with the appropriate Staccato 2011® optic mounting plate (sold separately), is designed to co-witness with industry leading carry-sized red dot optics such as the Holosun 507K, and others.

Why choose the staccato C2 G2 grip?

Our 2011® G2 grip provides a secure, comfortable hold. Whether you’re an officer protecting our freedoms or a licensed concealed-carrier protecting your loved ones, the Staccato C2 is a perfect fit for many scenarios.

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