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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify hazmat placards?

Each hazmat sign has up to six main parts: Hazard classification number - See below. UN/NA number - See above. Compatibility letters - Some placards include the letters A-S, which let shippers and carriers know which explosive materials can be loaded together onto a trailer. Color - Other than classification numbers, hazmat placards are most easily identified by their different colors.

Who is responsible for placarding hazmat?

Section 172.506 also states that if a vehicle transporting dangerous goods on the road does not have them, the offeror is responsible for providing the necessary hazmat placards.

Which are hazardous material placards?

For example: Red placards indicate the material is flammable; Green placards indicate the material is non-flammable; Yellow placards indicate the material is an oxidizer; Blue placards indicate the material is dangerous when wet; White placards indicate the material is an inhalation hazard and/or poison; Black and white placards indicate the material is corrosive; More items...

What are hazardous materials placards?

A hazardous materials placard is a diamond-shaped sign that must be affixed to any motor vehicle that carries hazardous materials. Ordinarily, it has a four digit number in the middle of the placard and a one digit number at the bottom that shows the hazard class and specific material being carried.

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